Sunday, October 30, 2005

Down on the Farm

Today was a busy day at Windyridge Farm. The sun was shining all day!!!! so we took advantage of that rare occasion. I removed the biggest mess yet that the beaver made around our overflow pipe cage in the pond. I couldn't believe the amount of crap he piled up and the size of the sticks. We covered and moved the boat into the leanto where the horses used to shelter. We put the bucket on the Kubota and removed the mower and pressure washed it. We didn't get to the snow fence or cleaning out the main sheep pen but putting the bucket on the tractor moved us that much closer. I gathered up the sheep coats with the view to mending tears and threw them in the wash. One child o' mine was coincidentally feeling unwell (workitis) all day while the other worked hard blowing leaves and helping his dad with the boat and tractor. Now it's time to kick back and relax and enjoy what's left of the sun.