Monday, October 31, 2005

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

The annual worldwide press freedom index from Reporters Without Borders shows the United States, which is supposedly spreading freedom and liberty throughout the world, is in a fast decline regarding the freedom of its own press.

The report ranked the United States in 44th place, an atomic drop from a favorable position of 22nd held last year, and from a handsome 17th place in 2002.

This is just too scary but of course it isn't news to me. Part of the reason why people still support GDubya has got to be because they get slanted news and who has time to be a detective and find the REAL news...not the Bush whitehouse slanted lies and half truths? And if you count on Fox for your daily diet of bullshit.....well.... need I say more?

Just more in the continuing downward slide of this country...