Friday, November 11, 2005

A Single Individual CAN Make a Difference

House Republican leaders scuttled a vote Thursday on a $51 billion budget-cut package in the face of a revolt by moderate lawmakers over cuts to Medicaid, food stamp and student loan programs.

Boy was I thrilled to see that and before the whole vote was scuttled they had removed the part on drilling in Alaska. I don't agree with that either. I called my senator (R NY) Boehlert, the day before yesterday and basically said he lost my vote if he supported the cuts. I have two kids going to college some day not to mention that I will be a senior one day...and it's just not good for the country. But I really feel as a lone individual, making that call DID make a difference. I often hear people say "what I am I going to do against such a huge system, I'm small fry". Each individual in unison CAN make a difference and I am convinced that it DID in this case. Boehlert was sitting on the fence and the calls he got like mine must have swayed him. He loses support he loses his seat, simple fact. At that level we, as individuals, can and should, have these dialogues with our representatives.