Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slippery Spiral Downward

So our health insurance is going up in 2006 by 118% for benefits that are significantly worse. I can't say we didn't see it coming....of course we did. When will the average American lucky enough to have health insurance be completely squeezed out of health care? Next year, five years? Now we get to take our drug formulary pamphlet with us whenever we go to the doc to make sure he prescribes what the insurance companies say they should be prescribing. It doesn't matter that it may not be the best treatment. Oh and of course our dental went up too. I guess we should be happy that we are fortunate enough to even have that. (And Hilary had the nerve to suggest socialized medicine..ha!) Hmm....and let's see, groceries have skyrocketed. A small example, a 24 pack of toilet paper has gone up two bucks! Well you gotta wipe right? So with oil and gas up, groceries up, health care up, we are going backwards...the slow slippery slide to just treading water. So much for stability in your later years. Unless a you are very wealthy (and that's a small % of our population), you will be making do (and maybe not making do?) with less and less as time goes by unless someone does something about the mess this country is in and SOON. The problem is, the majority (well not quite!), voted this idiot in, who has enabled the demise of the average American.
I shudder to even think about what "golden years" may bring.

And the stores aren't even offering free turkeys this year......