Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Appendicitis

Thanksgiving went well initially. My parents came up from CT, we had delicious food, played Jeopardy, took lots of pics and generally had fun. On Saturday, we rented the "Revenge of the Sith" dvd. Before that Daniel had been complaining of stomach pain. There are viruses going around so we figured that unfortunately he may have one. He also complained about stomach pain when we went out to dinner Friday night but it went away. At 11:30 pm we called the doc and headed up to the Crouse Memorial ER in Syracuse. I was impressed with my first experience at that hospital. We didn't wait long to be triaged especially for a Saturday night, and in we went. Daniel had to drink some contrast dye and they gave him morphine and anti-nausea medication so he felt much better. Because the dye needs to metabolise he waited until 4am to be CAT scanned. The scan was neat because we got to watch the monitor as the scan passed over him. It revealed a slightly inflammed we were in the early stages thank goodness. His appendix was to be removed around 7-8am. He was admitted to the pediatric ward at 7:30 and he went down to the OR around 8. He handled all this very well and really only started to get a little nervous as we all waited in preop. The anastheologist was a funny guy and after he gave him some medication that was going to make him a little dizzy he told Daniel never to drive if he ever fel like that! So in he went and by that point my husband and I were exhausted having had zero sleep. We tried to catch some zzzzzzzzz's after a cafeteria breakfast but failed. Then Dan came out of the OR after about an hour with three tiny incisions and one less organ. We tucked him up in bed and went home to sleep and pick up clothing and some goodies. When we went back he was in good spirits and pressing that morphine button frequently! Today he is in some pain as his pain meds are now Motrin and Lortab. He may be coming home today as he has been eating solid food and healing nicely. So far I am very impressed with Crouse, the docs, nurses, aides and whoever else we have been in contact with.