Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We Are No Better Than Saddam & Iraq is Worse

My quick summary on Iraq to date: Over 15,500 American soldiers are wounded and 2,107 are dead (not to mention thousands of Iraqi civilians but those are the normal by products of war right?). Billions of dollars of money needed in THIS country are being drained into the futile "war" effort. There are areas with no electricity or running water or both. Groceries are sky high. Oil production is below prewar levels. The country is in the midst of an all time high with daily attacks. Iraqi death squads are roaming the countryside, executing and torturing Sunnis. These are the guys in charge of Iraq now, sanctioned by us. Terrorists have been moving in and setting up camp.

The only difference I see in post war Iraq compared to pre war Iraq is that companies like Haliburton have made a fortune. Otherwise everyone involved in this mess is worse off. Our reputation all over the world has suffered so badly that I doubt it will recover in my lifetime. This war has brought out the worst of this country, from corruption, lying and stupidity to commiting war crimes. We went to Iraq to protect our country from "imminent danger" and to topple an inhuman and corrupt regime. But the occupiers are no better than the regime we toppled.

But Bush keeps saying we are making progress. Where?