Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wheel and Things

The red wood wheel is my pretty wheel, A Kromski Polonaise. This wheel is an accurate reproduction and can be used in re-enactments. It is a lovely smooth spinning wheel especially suited for finer spinning. The baskets of yarns are a mishmash of baby alpaca (very dark brown skein, angora rabbit from my bunny (white skein), adult mohair and sheep's wool. The blue basket contains some Clun Forest sheep's wool and yearling mohair from my goats. The colored stuff by the baskets is koolaid dyed roving which will one day be turned into some interesting socks. The grey stuff to the left and behind the Kromski is roving waiting to be spun. This naturally grey wool is soft and fun to work with. I kept about 8 pounds of it two years ago and I am still spinning it! Last year it sold before it was taken off the sheep. People love it, and each year that girl gets lighter and lighter. She used to be a black sheep.

Can you guess which skeins in the baskets are mohair? Hint: Look for the lustre.

At the top is my "ugly" wheel. It is a discontinued Louet and a great wheel for productivity and thicker yarns. I also do all my plying on it. Not the prettiest but very functional.

Well I need to get cracking on some Christmas projects with that red wool in the basket.