Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day

Christams Eve had Greek Peak offering free lift tickets all day if you brought a non-perishable item, so the three boys skied all day.
We had a quiet and relaxing Christmas Day with our meal consisting of a delicious turkey, sweet and mashed potato and a bean casserole . Highlights in the gift arena were as follows: Dan got another gas powered remote control airplane, but this time it's one he can build from scratch, unlike the one he got last year which was a good starter plane that was already pretty much assembled. He also got a Mettalica, Master of Pupetts music book from Mike which he was thrilled with and has been busily working out one of the tunes on his Strat. I ordered him a subscription to Popular science which he loves. Mike got a 400 watt sound system with remote that he is thrilled with. I'm not sure the house can take the pouding bass tho'! Then there were the usual assorted baseball gloves and soccer balls. Tom got his first rifle and even though I tried to camoflauge the box by making it 10 times bigger, he still had a pretty good idea of what was beside the tree. But he was very happy anyway and said he wasn't 100% sure that it was what he thought it was. Between the plane and rifle the tree had two huge gifts on either side. It was pretty comical and I should have taken a picture.

I plan on snowshoeing (another present for Mike) with Mike as soon as the weather improves, as it has ben raining for two days now on and off. Oh.... and I got a toaster oven, books and other assorted goodies. The dog knew his gift was under the tree and promptly grabbed it and ran to his crate. He loves these little balls with the tiny bell stuck inside.

We watched The Phantom of the Opera on HBO Christmas night and boy was it great. They did a wonderful job of adapting it to the screen and I love the musical score.