Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Dark Side

Dowd on Vice:

"We start the new year with the same old fear: Dick Cheney. The vice president, who believes in unwarranted, unlimited snooping, is so pathologically secretive that if you use Google Earth's database to see his official residence, the view is scrambled and obscured. You can view satellite photos of the White House, the Pentagon and the Capitol - but not of the Lord of the Underworld's lair. Vice is literally a shadow president. He's obsessive about privacy - but, unfortunately, only his own.

She continues:

"Consider this: when Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, supported by President Ford, pushed a plan to have the government help develop alternative sources of energy and reduce our dependence on oil and Saudi Arabia, guess who helped scotch it? Dick Cheney. Then and now, the man is a menace."