Friday, December 30, 2005

Rant on the Uzbeki Connection

Ok I am at a loss. Just when I think the worst has come out of the Bush administration and the repugnicans we learn that they are in the torture bed with the Uzbeki's. Now I thought one of the many reasons we premptively attacked Iraq, was to remove a murderous tyrant. Hmmmmm.... the Uzbeki's are known for their murderous and tortuous ways. In fact they boil children and crush their testicles while the parent's watch so that they can confess to Al Quaida ties that they don't have. Makes me want to puke. Talk about hypocrisy. We are in kahoots with one of the most murderous, despicable, despotic, tyrannical, evil regimes on the planet.

If someone hurt my children I would say anything to stop it. Intelligence to feel confident with? I think not!

Didn't someone say recently that we don't torture? Isn't that something like "but I didn't inhale"?