Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sad Days for America

I don't know where to begin today. What with the oil drilling prospect in Alaska looming and the illegal spying scandal, I am beside myself with disappointment and shame for this country. I would say at a guess, that Bush is probably spying on the Dems and quite frankly anyone else he feels is a threat (altho' the Dems are wusses so are they really a threat?). So much for a free country and so much for democracy. I think it's ironic that we are trying to develop a democracy in Iraq when we have no such thing here. Is a police state really that far behind? The American people have allowed themselves to be be lead around by their noses by a ring of fear. They have lost their powers of reason....they have lost the capability of thinking. Bush has used fear to manipulate the American dummies time and time again into voting against their self interests and I guess they got what they deserved and he's laughing all the way to the bank. What will it take before the American people wake up and see the calamities in store? What will it take to have an opposition party that is united and strong? When will the Repugnants declare martial law?