Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bad Day at the House

To add to the livestock problems, our beloved choclate lab ate a bone that splintered and got stuck inside him. He spent a very uncomfortable night last night after having visited the vet that afternoon. She had given him hair ball medication in the hopes that the splinters would pass through, and a shot of antibiotic. No luck. He's stopped up probably because it's uncomfortable to go. He won't drink anything either preferring to lick at the snow. Having spent an enjoyable evening at the All County festival in Green (Mike was playing his sax) we came home to an unhappy dog who grunted and groaned through the night. Naturally Tom and I didn't sleep very well. We called the vet this monring and broguht him in. She said he didn't look too bad and the prognosis was good as long as no splinters penetrated the intesntines. She gave him banamine (pain killer), antibiotic and is keeping him overnight. He will be given mulitple enemas to get those bone shards out. So our fingers are crossed. We truly miss him. He has always been home with us and the house feels empty.