Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boycott MSM

Seriosuly, stop buying papers, esp WaPO and NYT. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC etc etc, They do NOT report the news and it continues to get worse.

Who isn't reporting that the mean ol' Dems made Mrs Alito sob. BOOHOO. It was that idiot, unethical (see blurb in another post), Lindsay Graham that made her cry...didn't we all SEE that with our OWN EYES on TV??

And why isn't the MSM going nuts on this Alito CAP thing? We have a potential supreme justice who was a member of a good ol' boys club that shuns women, blacks, Jews and anyone not blond and blue eyed (well ok, you can have hazel or brown eyes). He is also a liar. The questions senator Kennedy asked yesterday MUST be answered. Putting a guy like this on SCOTUS will be a disaster for this country. A disaster for free choice, a disaster for minorties, a disaster for privacy rights.....