Saturday, January 07, 2006


Went on my biweekly trip to Liverpool (50 miles) to take Daniel to his trumpet lesson when I stopped for gas and noticed that it was $2.51 a gallon. And that was the cheaper station, Hess. The last time I bought gas it was $2.36. What the heck. I guess the gas stations got used to raising the price quickly during Katrina days and figured since they got away with it, they could do it again. I haven't been reading about what's been going on with oil lately except in the Ukraine....maybe that was the excuse. I dunno. Daniel informed me after his lesson that he really needs that Bach trumpet now. Bach trumpets are $1,500. The good news is they Appreciate with time, not the other way around, but heck, that's a chunk of change. It's kind of fun to choose the Bach you want to purchase. The company sends three trumpets. You choose the exact model and then send them all back. In a week, the new trumpet in the model you chose arrives, complete with case. The bad news is our portion of his appendectomy bill is....funnily enough, $1,500. Where is that Lotto ticket.....

I will be hoping for lots of lamb and wool sales this spring! And any donations for the trumpet will be gladly accepted from the rich 1% out there. Haha ha.