Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gore's Speech Was Good, But What are the Dems Doing?

Gore's speech was excellent but unfortunately all the Dems seem to be able to do is talk. Taking action does not appear to be their strong suit. Here is something Gore said that I found interesting:

" Last week, for example, Vice President Cheney attempted to defend the Administration's eavesdropping on American citizens by saying that if it had conducted this program prior to 9/11, they would have found out the names of some of the hijackers.

Tragically, he apparently still doesn't know that the Administration did in fact have the names of at least 2 of the hijackers well before 9/11 and had available to them information that could have easily led to the identification of most of the other hijackers. And yet, because of incompetence in the handling of this information, it was never used to protect the American people."

This man is our vice presdient folks. He obviously feels the American people are stupid, and unfortunately it appears that at least half the country is!

And now, with the confirmation of Alito almost assured, our country's democracy and credibility appears to be lost. The clock has been turned way back. Much of what our founding father's had in mind when they framed the constitution is lost. Checks and balances are gone. Our president continually lies to us and has NO shame.
Tyranny is prevailing.
The Dems should be doing everything in their power to block Alito's confirmation and they aren't.