Thursday, January 05, 2006


from Alternet:

Seems like it was the morning after election '04 that the Jesusland map made the internet rounds. For those who forgot, it was a map of the coastal states shaded blue for Democrat with the middle of the nation red for Republican. The word Jesusland was emblazoned across the red.

Right name, wrong nation according Cienna Madrid (tip from Cary Moon):

"Pat Robertson and the Christian right are negotiating with the Israeli government to build a Biblical theme park by the Sea of Galilee (where Jesus walked on water and then fed a few people some fish)."

Yes, Pat Robertson of the assassinate foreign leaders and End Times come when Jews are converted or banished to hell school of thought.

Madrid continues: "Now this man wants to build a theme park—a place ideally designed for Fun with Children. Not only does the phrase 'bible theme park' sound about as enjoyable as 'friendly fire,' but:

A major part of the shore of the Sea of Galilee was Syrian until it was conquered by Israel in 1967. Syria and Israel are still officially in a state of war and Syria insists the return of the Golan Heights and the Galilee shore is a prerequisite for peace.