Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Excitement, Upsets & Flying Tomatoes

We love the Olympics, both winter and summer. This year we were anticipating Bode Miller winning gold, and he ended up with nothing to our utter amazement. Why did he change his skis at the last minute? Still we are talking 5/10ths of a second here. He certainly is a colorful character on and off the slope. Did anyone catch the clip of him skiing down a mountain on one ski? Whew! You can catch it at NBC's olympic web site.

Shaun the flying tomato, the supreme snow boarder, provided some great excitement. Clear favorite to win the gold he almost didn't qualify for the final! Snow boarding (half pipe) is not my favorite sport to watch but you couldn't help but get caught up in that nail biting story as it unfolded. He also seems like a really nice kid. My youngest son decided to rent a board instead of skiing last week and he is going to make the switch next year. No doubt watching the amazing tricks on the half pipe has cemented his decision.

Oh no OHNO! What happened here?!! We loved him 4 years ago and presumed he would ace the short track speed skating this year. Now there's an exciting sport. We were floored when he fell. At that time of night the kids had gone to bed and came running down to see what all the clamor was about. What a disappointment for Ohno.

Skating: my favorite competitions are any of the pair's events, especially the ice dancing. And so far it has been very entertaining.