Thursday, March 30, 2006

And Now For Some Funny News

Lewis The Cat In Hot Water After Alleged Attacks

Many Fairfield Residents Call Animal Control To Complain

Jennifer Jordan


(CBS) FAIRFIELD, Conn. A Connecticut house cat is in the dog house, accused of terrorizing a Fairfield neighborhood. Officials are now taking drastic measures to prevent the ferocious feline from striking again.

There's no ankle bracelet or electronic monitor, but Lewis the house cat is under house arrest. He's accused of attacking a half dozen people in this Fairfield neighborhood during a three-year span. One neighbor claimed she was attacked twice.

"His M.O. is to spring from behind you and what he does is wrap himself around your legs and he bites and scratches," Janet Kettman said.

Lewis was quarantined at least three times by Animal Control officers, but officials said the most recent attack was the final straw. The victim's bite wounds and scratches so severe, she had to be treated at a local hospital.

Lewis' owner is on the defense.

"Everyone who is complaining has a cat. And as you know like a dog, when cat's face off, you can't go near them and that's not been brought out anywhere," Ruth Cisero said.

The restraining order initially allowed Lewis to roam the neighborhood during certain hours of the day and night, but the cat apparently broke the rules and his owner ended up getting arrested.

Cisero is now fighting reckless endangerment charges. Even the local Avon lady, attacked last year, has filed a lawsuit against the family in Superior Court.

Rachel Solveira, a Fairfield Animal Control officer said, "I was receiving calls every single day from concerned neighbors who were in fear of their children playing outdoors."

But it looks like Lewis' view of the outside is now from the inside -- for the rest of his nine lives.