Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Art of Tea

I have started sampling exotic teas. I have always been a big tea drinker having grown up in Ireland where people start drinking as kids (not booze, TEA! altho' sadly that's true too). I found a web site that looked interesting, that purchases and blends exotic teas. Each tea has a story. I ordered a few samples and so far am delighted with them! Of course the art of drinking tea is something in itself.
I was especially interested in Rooibos teas because they are herbal and rich in essential minerals and I try to stay away from caffeine. They do also have some exotic regular decaf blends which I plan to try.
Drinking these teas is a lot like samplng wine. The aroma both in the bag and in the brew is wonderful and the aftertaste was a lovely suprise. It's almost as much fun to smell as it is to taste. I have had Rooibos Berry Pleasure and Rooibos Vanilla and they are delicious.
I can't wait for the spring to have my cuppa outside on the porch as I gaze at my sheep peacefully grazing out in the pasture. A very serene and relaxing way to start a day.