Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Computer Photo

The new PC is awesome. I would never have believed that a computer could be so quiet and it's especially noticeable when I have it set up next to the old one. You really can't hear it. And Fast? Oh boy, the dual cores are wonderful. I can have an MP3 playing and surf or open other programs while the music is flowing which wasn't fun to do with the single core. All I can say at this point is wow, and I haven't even really played with it yet. I guess I didn't realize how much stuff I use and how many passwords were automatic until I had a tabula rasa in front of me! I will be spending hours transferring programs and things I need onto this PC and then I have to clean up the old one for the kids...who are not breathing down my neck to get a hold of it.

If I had cable I could record TV right onto the computer. My video card has a tv tuner. One day.........
And I have a dual layer dvd writer......
Doesn't the new LCD monitor go well with PC case? Wires need to be cleaned up tho'.
It's been a long while since I've been in the land of geekdom.