Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day/Birds

I was waited on all day. I did no cooking or any chores. Tom made me baby back ribs, potato salad and a rhubarb pie for dinner from our own rhubarb. It was scrumptious! The weather was not nice at all so Mike and I watched the Yankees game and the Mets game. They both lost. Ugh. Today's weather doesn't look much fact it's downright chilly. I should mow but the grass isn't long. It's the dandelions that are about 5 inches tall. It's a good thing they only last a few weeks becasue they really are ugly when they go to seed.

The bird migration is in full swing. I can hear the yellow warblers, the black throated greens and a very noisy oriole. I heard an oven bird and of course my favorite thrushes that sound like long flutes. We've had a turkey hen in our backyard twice now, pecking around oblivious to our presence. She is probably sitting on a nest in the woods behind the house. I had a rare glimpse of a hooded warbler. They have been seen in the valley but they are not common. I heard his song and found him in a clump of trees on our driveway. He was not shy at all and so I got very close and made a positive ID. A very striking bird, yellow and black. Of course the tree swallows are here and nesting in our boxes but alas no bluebirds so far. We had an osprey fishing in our pond the other day and he was nice enough to fly very low by the house. He came up empty from his fishing expedition tho'. We also had a hooded merganser on the pond yesterday.