Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ready to go to NYSSMA

What the heck is NYSSMA you ask? The New York State School Music Association judges students all over the state on scales and one piece that they have been preparing. This is both boys' second year. Last year they scored an excellent, and an outstanding. This year Dan is playing at a higher level. He will have the school music teacher accompany him on piano. Too bad this blog doesn't allow an upload of sound files, and my Road Runner account website has a measly 5GB limit so I can't post some music there. However I do have another account with more space which houses my farm site and I may be able to put a Real Audio file up there of both boys playing their pieces. As I am typing this a wild turkey hen is walking past the back deck! We took out out turkey calls after she left and got responses from other hens nearby.