Saturday, July 29, 2006

Family Values Not

Here are some real family values: Americans who live on minimum wage have not had an increase in that pay for ten years — a decade at the same pay rate — while expenditures, especially costs on energy prices, have gone up, up, up. They are squeezing their budget every way you can think, just to survive, to feed their kids, to give them a decent home. And they are working their butts off — two and three jobs for each parent, leaving the kids hanging out quite a bit with grandma and grandpa, who get to enjoy their golden years by being permanent babysitters (who can’t afford both their prescription meds and food…but hey, who is counting…).

This year, the Republican-controlled Congress gave itself a pay raise — and passed a series of other tax breaks for the GOP’s lobbyist pals. (from Firedoglake)

Is this still a great place to live and raise a family? I think not. I should have stayed in Ireland, where the econmy is booming, health care is universal and kids aren't in debt the day they graduate college. Does the US take care of it's own? Not hardly. Our elitist society supressing the common folk is here to stay unless something radical happens soon.