Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Vacation Cottage

If all goes well and we close successfully we will own this place.
We are pretty excited and we can use it for hunting in the fall as the northern zone starts a month earlier than here making it much more comfortable hunting. The cotttage is in Black Lake which is my favorite lake in the entire state. It is 20 miles long and what makes it special are the little islands dotted throughout and the bays and river inlet. It's just such an interesting body of water. Our cottage is in a very beautiful section of the lake (seriously, before the house was even for sale we commented on what a beautiful sheltered little bay it was and how it was the nicest area of the lake).

The North County has a bad (monetarily, goood lifestyle-wise!)influence on us. Two years ago we came home from vacation with a rabbit and a boat. This year we came home with a cottage! We had been looking at real estate on the lake and the cottage we purchased was not for sale when we were in that bay exploring. The next day we took some folks out on a boat ride. They had a lovely dog, Gus, who satisifed our yearning for own much missed dog. They were staying at the same place we were, and did not have a boat. We decided to take them to Mile Arm Bay (soon to be our 2nd address) and to my joyous surprise the only cottage we could have even entertained buying had a for sale sign in front of it. Of course we had no pen so all 4 of us, and Gus, memorized a few numbers and we called the realtor when we got back. We made an offer on the spot and the rest is history.

The cottage has three teensy bedrooms, one with a queen bed and two with bunk beds, a small bathroom and shower, kitchen/living room and fireplace. It's on a seasonal road and we have great neighbors! What we we plan on doing some day, is adding a second floor with a master bedroom and deck over a screened in porch to take advantage of the spectacular views. The photos do not do the view justice.