Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy and Productive Weekend!

Hoorah! I spun, I plied and I did some knitting. I am almost finished with my unspun basket. I am dying to see how this will felt. The grey Corrie has been waiting to be spun for months and finally I am almost through with the fleece. I finished up the bobbin and plied the rest but not without a HUGE tangle after one of the skeins came out of the spin cycle. I only tied it off in three places and what a mistake that was! I had the whole family untangling and winding that mess for several hours. But I needed to get this stuff spun up for some mittens I promised someone and finally it's ready.

The boys chainsawed abnd split lots of wood and I think we have about two and a half years worth now with about another half a year to go! So we will be good to with oil (1,000 gallons sits in the tank)and the wood. I think we will be set for three years. Not a bad hedge against rising oil (and now firewood ) prices. The best part of it is the wood was free (well Tom and the kids would add their labor was not!).

The gorgeous veggies are from a friend's garden. They came over for a Labor day picnic and they have a beautiful place in Pittsfield and several chickens. The pastel eggs they brought were lovely (shoulda taken a pic)and if you look closely you will see giant grape tomatoes in the basket. They really are humongeous for grape tomatoes. The sprigs of spices smell scrumptious and added a nice artistic touch to the basket.