Sunday, February 04, 2007

What's News

Still plugging away with the vest and scarf. I should be finished with the back of the vest soon and the scarf is almost done.

Good news today ....the cub cadet is fixed. Dan and Tom tinkered around with it. Dan thought he should clean the starter. Voila! I heard the engine start up in the garage and went out to thank the boys! I think Dan has made the right choice to become an engineer! I am grateful that both my husband and Dan have taught themselves how to fix these things. Since we have three autos and two tractors as well as assorted mowers, and other gas engine things, it would be very costly to maintain these beasts if they had to go to the shop each time they broke. So far they have done many full brake jobs including rotors, charcoal cannisters, water pumps, exhaust sections (with the help of a friend's lift), filler tubes and more. I do the Kubota maintenance and they do the rest. I think that's a good deal!

The lambs are thriving. We put the latest addition (no name yet) in the general population and it was fun to watch the two lambs get aquanited.