Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've Ordered Fiber Combs!

In a previous post I took some pics of my attmepted combing. No wonder it didn't work. I found three fantastic videos on YouTube (where esle?) on combing. Since I am very bad at translating pictures into actions, the videos were exactly what I needed. Armed with the new knowledge of how to properly (ahem!) comb wool I took the plunge and ordered a set of combs... and yes my tetanus shot is up to date! Why the need to comb? Well I really need to show off the shimmer and shine of my mohair and combing is the perect techinque for this. I plan on playing around with blending too once I get proficient. I washed up some freshly shorn mohair a few days ago in anticiptaion. I tried to dry it outside yesterday but with all that wind, the dust was flying up the driveway. So it sits by the window in the sun.

And earlier today, a gal that lives about 20 minutes from here, who is starting her own flock and is also a spinner and knitter, stopped by to see the farm my set up and bought 2 pounds of wool.