Monday, May 14, 2007

No Dock Yet

Nearby loon

Mike and Dan puttering around

Tom fishing. He is standing to the left of where the dock will be. The dock should stay put as it is a very sheltered area away from the main part of the lake. Milearm Bay is about the size of Dereuyter Lake with a small channel leading to the remaining 22 miles of Black Lake

If you look closely (click on the photos),you can see two labs, one much darker than the other. The darker is Rascal's girlfriend Bug. If you click on the last photo and look to the bottom left you can see some of the dock folded over itself.

We planned on purchasing a Roladock BUT the lake drops off about two feet from the edge to 7-9 feet, sooo we can't use one. The floating docks made by the same company are heavy so we decided we might as well stick with what we have. Also what we have is FREE. It's a nice but heavy wooden dock requiring some wading (with lined waders of course) into ccccold water in May to install...which is why we looked for something less cumbersopme in the first place). People are so helpful and friendly here on our little private road and our neighbor offered to help us lift the behomoth in and we will help him with his. He will have friends over that day to help which is key. I say we and us, but really it's Dan and Tom and I will watch! Let the men lift the heavy stuff I say! This is the kind of place where if they see you toting something heavy to your cabin, they stop the car and come help. Also..and this is very important...when we go socializing...the dog is allowed to come and allowed into the various houses. He feels quite at home now! As you will see in the photos, that extends to boat rides.

The cabin is shaping up nicely. We plan on putting a hard wood floor down in June and some day vaulting the ceiling with some tongue and groove wood applied. We also want to add another deck, completely overlooking the water. The current deck view is blocked by our cabin to the right and that's really the best view.