Sunday, May 06, 2007

Opening Up the Cabin

Up we went on a sunny Friday late afternoon to Black Lake. We were looking forward to seeing the new parking pad and getting the water pump started. The pad was amazing. The contractor really did an excellent job and the neighbors agreed. We set about organizing stuff and eating. Then we hit the sack. Up early the next day to go to Ogdensberg and pick up supplies. We left the kids to explore with the dog. When we got back we had to mess with the pump. Two of our neighbors tried to help but to no avail. We couldn't get it to prime. When the contractor came by later to get the other half of his pay he had a look and got it going in a jiffy. Thank God because that was very important and once you know how to do it, it really isn't very difficult.
What continues to amaze me is how helpful and friendly the area seasonal residents are.
Mike and I raked leaves. We don't have to do that here at home luckily, but we didn't escape the dreaded task at the cabin.

The next project will be the dock. Do we put in the very heavy 4 part wooden dock or buy an expensive aluminum one that goes in, in a few minutes, as opposed to 5 men getting chest high in freezing water and taking a long time to set it in. We are leaning towards the aluminum. In and out in a few minutes, and tied to a tree over the winter. Plus two people can easily install it.

We discovered a very old black and white TV in the attic and pulled it down. The kids had never seen one. We get CBS, fox and PBS with rabbit ears. That was a nice surprise and the reception is excellent. It's funny how we have a state of the art 42 inch LCD HD TV at home and almost an antique at the cabin.