Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Dock is IN Finally!

So we arrived Friday around 8pm in 95 degree weather I might add, to find most of the dock already installed! This was a great surprise to us as we weren't expecting the dock until the next morning. The guys even moved the remnants of the wood dock to the side as a launch ramp for the little metal boat. We will use the other segments of the wood dock for steps as we need to redo the old heaved cement ones. Anyway of course we went down and jumped around on it. Saturday the installers came and finshed most of the job. It's a preety nifty dock. It is manufactured by the same company that makes the playrooms in McDonalds. It is polyethlyene, so it's virtually indestructable and easy on the boat. It's alos zero maintanance! It consists of cells underneath that fill with water creating a suction that "sticks" it to the water adding stability to the floating dock. Ours is two sections "clipped" together and there are two side brackets attached to two crisscrossed 300 pound weights at the front of the dock keeping it in place. A swim step will be put in this week along with two pole covers to cover our rusty metal poles at the head of the dock. We plan on folding the custom ramp over onto the dock which is connected to it by a hinge and just winching the whole thing out and tying it to a tree in October. No one will have to set foot in the water, either putting it in or taking it out. This is important as the water is very cold in April and October. It should also be relativley easy to put in and take out which is great as we aren't getting any younger. All in all so far we are very happy with the customer service and the dock itself. It's called EZ Dock. We had looked at Roladock but they were more expensive and the rep just didn't seem to want to help us figure out our dock solution. The EZ Dock guys said they would get us a dock no matter what...and they did.

The turtle was swimming around near the shore Sarturday morning and I had to snap a pic. At one point there were two and a loon was singing his lonely song as he swam by a few minutes later.