Monday, July 09, 2007

July 4 Holiday

We left here on a sunny Tuesday for the lake. It rained most of the day on July 4th except for small few hours when fortunately the 1st annual "regatta" took place. This was an open invitation to boat owners on our road to decorate their boats and join the flotilla around a few of the bays and down the river. There was supposed to be a raft up and party but it started to rain so the party went indoors and was a great way to meet the other residents of our road that we hadn't met yet. It looks like a majority of the people at the lake live in Syracuse. A few come from Rochester and further tho'.

It rained the next day too but after that we had a few hours here and there of sunshine but all in all it was quite drab and chilly. That didn't stop Dan from tweaking his slalom ski technique and Tom and I did some fishing in the boat and off the dock. Tom caught a 17 3/4 inch bass off the dock! Dan helped a neighbor fix his 4 wheeler and rode that around and the boys rode the other neighbor's golf cart around all week. We left Mike up at Indian Point, on the other side of the lake with friends, to spend the week there and we will pick him up next weekend.

We added a set of amber solar dock lights which look lovely at night. We also replaced the ancient toilet and added a shut off valve which the previous owners never had installed. Tom marked out the deck we hope to add on the water front side of the cabin as we accomplished a lot and had fun at the same time.