Thursday, August 23, 2007

Know Your Way Around

I have had a lot of new readers recently and for those of you not that familiar with blogs I wanted to point out a few things to make reading this blog a little easier. You will notice a "Subscribe in a Reader" link at the top in the left sidebar. If you click on this and pick one of the several readers listed, you will be notified whenever I post something new and you will also see the subject. This is a feed. If you use the Google homepage, and choose the Google feed you will have the feeds right there in front of you along with whatever else you chose to go on that page. Also in the left sidebar you will see a heading "labels". If you are only interested in one or a few of these subjects, click on that subject and all my posts will be sorted by that subject and you will only see those posts sorted under that subject. So if you only want to see and hear about the cabin, click on that label. If you want to see posts not on this main page in the sidebar a few clicks down are my archives. Lots of good photos in here so pick a date and have a look. Go ahead give it a try!