Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not the Best of Days

The day started out well enough. I took Mike to Dereuyter and we played some tennis. When we got home I parked in the garage as always. Except there was one problem. We left the pod on the Kia for a few reasons. So basically I smashed the end of it on the overhead garage door. Now a good Thule pod costs about $300.00. Maybe we can get a new cover. Nuff said about that.
Later, Mike and I started to do the sheep fence. I slipped on the hill and heard a loud snap! I fractured my fibula. It was a non-displaced distal fibula fracture. I went one way (down the hill), the ankle stayed pointing up the hill. It was 90 degrees out and I was on the other side of the pasture in tall grass. Mike had to help me to the barn. That was fun. I almost passed out. He got the fan, got me ice and ibuprofen and called Tom. Off we went to the hospital for an aircast and tomorrow I get to go see the doc. I remember thinking, thank goodness I have good medical insurance now. Happy summer.