Monday, August 13, 2007

We Bought a Misty Harbor Pontoon Boat

It started out like this. Tom, Dan and two of Dan's friends went up to the cabin this weekend to put in the new deck. We decided to go with Trex composite so we don't have to worry about maintenance and splinters and so forth. The wrong length pieces were delivered and the wrong railings. Tom complained and so the store charged us $20/ft instead of 35! Now we have a bunch of 4 foot lengths left over for a small landing or steps. So that worked out ok but it was frustrating for the boys who wanted to get the deck done and go play on the boat. So off the boys went on the boat. Dan skied first. His friend was next and just as he was about to get up on the skis the motor revved up. ANOTHER problem with the boat motor. Now we've already taken the boat out of the water twice to have it fixed and spent money so this was the last straw. Tom decided to buy a new motor. A Honda 4 stroke. What's great about Honda marine engines is they don't break. They are also fantastic on gas, so much so that our neighbors thought their gas gauge was broken when they first got a 4 stroke. Also unlike typical 2 strokes they don't throw pollution into the water, are so quiet you don't know they are running and the gas does not have to be mixed with oil. So off Tom went to Alexandria bay to buy a motor. Of course motors are outrageously expensive which is why we resisted buying one for so long. At the marina there was a brand new Misty Harbor pontoon boat for sale at a huge discount because one of the privacy station poles was scratched. The price also included the trailer and installation of the crib cover. Well heck the price of a motor is so high and we had been talking about a pontoon boat ever since we first set foot in one so we just had to do this. They are the ultimate in comfort. Tons of room, easy to ski and swim off and most importantly, very comfortable for the dog! In the past I had wondered why just about everybody had one (and it wasn't because they are giving them away let me tell ya) because they aren't very attractive, but just spend a few hours on one and you instantly know why they are so popular. Ours will have a 90hp Honda motor and do about 35 mph or more, which is fast. It's 20ft long and 8.5 ft wide and you can move the back sits around to the front to form a pit group. It also has a lounge type bench wraparound comfy seat. The boat holds up to 11 people. I've uploaded a pic from the brochure but will have pics of the actual boat and the new deck this weekend. I am not looking forward to hobbling down to the boat because we have heaved cement steps but I will wear the frankenboot and be very careful.

The ankle is getting better every day and now I mostly wear the air cast. I even drove a little today.