Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting Motivation Time!

I seriously have trouble staying with projects whether it be knitting or spinning. There is always something else calling out to me to get done. Maybe I have a form of fiber/knitting/spinning ADHD. And I still have a bunch of wool that has to be washed. With the warm weather about to pull out for the year I missed the boat on drying fiber outside. Oh well, there's always the wood stove!

That's why I was glad to find out about the

Weehee, a motivator of sorts! And here is what I chose to feature this week. This is my first experience with cotton and I am using hand painted Araucania which I received from my Secret Pal 10. It is going to be a baby's pullover and the pattern is by Nancy Hearne. I am enjoying watching the way the colors are randomly distributing as I knit. So far I have the back and a third of the front completed.

Here it is pictured below being modeled by my supervisor who is testing the yarn for palatability and strength! I suppose using an animal inflatable would have been easier than getting this cat to sit still long enough for me to take the photograph!

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