Monday, September 10, 2007

Lookee Here

Imagine my surprise when I saw this little yellow guy in among my flowers:

Anybody know what it is? It's an errant sunflower seed sprouted in my pot! It's such a delightful surprise and a splash of color too.
Meanwhile these back deck plants are horrible. This pot above had begonias and marigolds in it and it's pretty anemic looking isn't it? It got hit with that late frost we had at the beginning of summer and never really recovered. I won't even show you a picture of the garden. That got zonked pretty good, then dried out and I gave up. There are still some cabbages that should be ready soon but the tomatoes died and I can't find the zucchinis amongst the overgrowth. It's a good thing I had my bucket tomato. It's been feeding us tomatos since June!