Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing Cards Anyone?

When I was a kid our youth club used to play poker for fun. We used chips and no money changed hands. When I got older my friends and I would occasionally go to the Knights of Columbus fund raisers where games of chance and poker were played. That was a lot of fun. If I was a gambling gal today, I might be inclined to order my poker accessories from
You can choose used casino cards with the names of the most popular casinos or Copag Playing Cards, which are made of PVC plastic and completely washable. They also carry Kem playing cards made of 100% cellulose acetate plastic, and Bee Diamond Back playing cards. There is also a nice variety of poker tables. They carry oak, cherry and Texas Holed 'Em tables. To be honest, one of those poker tables would be nice to have for bridge or canasta nights! Now your poker table is not complete without chips. You can order sets, cases or racks. If you are looking for timers, they offer poker or standard timers as well as dealer buttons with built in timers and an all in organizer and tournament timer.

If you order over a hundred dollars worth of merchandise they offer free shipping. You can get news, discounts and special offers if you subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

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