Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shows are Back Tonight

Showtime heralds the return of two good original series, Dexter, about a forensic detective who actually is a serial murderer, and The Brotherhood, a kind of Sopranos in Boston served with a side of politics. Both of these shows are entertaining with some very fine acting. I look forward to a season of both. Earlier in the month, the show Weeds came back, and it is just so darn funny, but you totally have to suspend disbelief.

On HBO we watch Larry David (Love that guy!) and the new show Tell Me You Love Me. Now I have said in the past that HBO really pushes the envelope with what they show on TV, but in this series, they really pushed it into the soft porn realm. It isn't R or MA, it's X! The jury is out about whether I like it or not. It's interesting enough and the acting is superb but it is kind of slow at times.

And on FX, Damages has been very good. It was a little predictable at first but got better as it went along. And no show roundup would be complete without mentioning my first cousin's show Rescue Me on FX. He is one of the producers and he and Dennis Leary are partners. Honestly I don't know where they get the ideas for this show, some the things that happen are so kooky, but it's hilarious. If you haven't watched it, get the DVD's and catch it again next season. FX generally has some good original stuff.

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