Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Soccer Nowadays

When I was a kid I played a lot of soccer. After all I was living Ireland and soccer is very big over there. After school or on weekends a few kids would get together and play in our driveway, on a dead end street, in the park, it didn't matter where. We used sweatshirts or jackets for goals. We didn't know what shin guards were. My son plays soccer for the modified team at school. He only knows real goals and goal posts and nothing of ragtag soccer games where we wore only sneakers instead of cleats. Kids nowadays need ankle braces, because their ankles hurt. They need shin guards to protect their shins. They need special socks that go all the way up to their knees and beyond to look cool. They need real goals to practice with because sweat shirts simply will not do. You can order real goals instead of sweat shirts for your budding world cup soccer players here at They have all kinds of training equipment from portable back yard pop-up goals to tournament soccer goals and Soccer Nets. They have rebounders and back stops so that your child can practice alone in the comfort of his own front yard. They even have street hockey goals should your child have aspirations in that direction.

I would have loved equipment like this when I was a kid!

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