Thursday, September 06, 2007

Teen Driver Anyone?

Recently I decided to look around for Better Car Insurance Rates because I freaked out when I heard what a Teen Driver Auto Policy would cost. My son turns 16 next July. I was told by my current insurance agent that it could be anywhere from an additional $1,000 to as much as $3,000! He said I could lessen the bite by having my child do the school driving course and the defensive driving course (which Tom and I recently completed). So needless to say that will be done since it’s a good way to Lower Your Car/SUV Insurance .

In my research, I found that Geico had the best rates by far. However when I then spoke to my insurance agent with my Geico quotes, she told me that this year they were including their customer’s credit scores in the premium calculation. And sure enough our premiums went down by $300! Weehee! The price of something actually came down for a change!

But here's the kicker. They wouldn't tell me exactly how much my teen was going to cost until they plug in his driver's license which he won't have until next year. So I can't shop around and I have to be prepared to fork over the $3,000. Isn't this ridiculous? Has anyone had the same experience?