Saturday, September 15, 2007

That Was Scary!

I love diamonds, always have always will. What woman doesn't? Most of us have engagement rings and some of us wear them all the time while some of us take them off. Unlike my wedding band, which I discussed in a previous post, I usually take mine off when I am at home because I don't want to catch it on anything and it tends to get in the way. The other afternoon, just when the kids got home from school, I was siting here merrily tapping away at my computer, having had the ring on my hand all day, when I looked down and noticed that the diamond was missing from the setting of my ring! I immediately plunged into a panic. I shot up from the chair and shouted to the kids, "My diamond fell out of the ring!!!!" I sat there and thought hard of where it might have fallen out. Did I catch it on something? Was it in the barn? I looked hard at my ring and ordered myself to THINK! Then it dawned on me. This was the old setting that I had used years ago! Sure enough, the ring with diamond intact, was sitting in it's usual place in the jewelry box. WHEW was I relieved. Sure it's insured but who needs that headache, and I wouldn't get what it's worth anyway.

Is this what happens to your brain after 40? I went around the whole day in town with a ring missing it's contents! I am sure no one noticed but still..........

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