Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vacation Part One, the Work

Kind of an oxymoronic title.

The weather was GORGEOUS for 9 days with one day cloudy and cool. Can you ask for more than that? Tom wanted to finish the deck (on the left intentionally hamming it up for the camera) and replace the ugly window with a sliding glass door. We had been getting onto the deck via the window and that wasn't fun because the window was very heavy. So here is a pic of the old window being removed and the sliding glass door added. The boys had to cut out the area below the window to make room for the door and then add a header and shim a frame for the door.
What a difference! The view is MUCH better.

And the deck looks great. All maintenance free materials.

BTW the backlight outside the window/door disabled the flash in the camera and i couldn't figure out how to over ride it, hence the dark interior.