Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vacation Part Two, The Fun!

Obviously we did a lot of boating but the highlight for the boys was jumping off the cliffs into the water on the Indian River. We picked up our friends and their two kids at Indian Head Point and cruised down the river. My kids didn't let on that they planned on jumping because they knew I wouldn't be thrilled. They had hinted about doing it every time we drove by. I didn't get pics of the actual jumping because I wasn't ready to take the pic since our boat was drifting on the anchor (this was because the anchor fell off!)and we were coping with that. The kids had to jump off the boat swim to the cliffs, hike up and jump. The mothers were nervous. But everyone survived. Some took longer than others to jump!
Dan did a little skiing on another day and Mike got to try a homemade slalom type board that some campers at Indian Head Point had designed. One of the highlights of the week was the Eagles Tribute Band performance in Alexandria Bay. You couldn't tell that Don Henley was not singing. They were very good and I would have danced if I had an intact ankle. We didn't get home until two AM which is the latest I've been out in years! We also had some friends from South Otselic come up and stay a few days and we showed them the lake.
I did get some knitting done, I started the back side of the cotton baby sweater even tho' I brought up two other projects. It didn't help that I left the pattern of one of them at home.

Stay tuned for more pics soon........