Sunday, September 09, 2007

We Left Later Than Usual Friday

We left later than usual Friday and left the kids with their friends. I was anxious to get up there because I had left some a jewelry I love in the cabin and was a little nervous but the bracelet was there.There are very few break-ins on our road but it does happen occasionally over the winter. The weather Saturday was glorious. It was in the upper 80's and all sun and it was also the first time that Tom and I were left to our own devices docking the boat. I drove because of the ankle and he had to jump off and secure both ends before the stern swung out. Fortunately there was no wind and I did ok. I don't drive the boat (I'd rather laze in the sun) so I had to practice quickly getting into reverse in case I needed it! Usually Dan drives and mike and Tom help dock.
Tom almost finished framing the door but we got side tracked by the great weather. A few people asked for pics of the new door where you could actually see the inside and I figured out how to get the camera to work properly.
And the very latest:

And a picture of the inside. Note the original retro kitchen in very good condition I might add. I hesitate to redo it sometime in the future. Several people have proclaimed that it is very unusual nowadays.