Thursday, September 06, 2007

Your Fitness Pal

I was asked to do a review on a free site that can help you lose weight. This site is easy to use and contains several tools that will help get you started and keep you motivated. It contains a free calorie counter which tallies calories burned from various types of exercise you might do, based on your weight and how long you did the activity. This chart also allows you to see how you are doing against the goals that you set for yourself. Nutrition, fitness and progress reports are also available for you to use so that you can keep track of how you are doing. Along with the calorie counter you can use the food nutrition calculator where you can pick any food from the database, plug in the number of servings, boxes, package or cups depending on the unit of the item, and it will calculate the whole nutrition panel for you. This is a handy chart and one I would use because I often find myself wondering about the nutrition facts on a food item that I have already removed the wrapper from. It also can act as a calorie chart. The site also has a forum to share your experiences with, a food diary and an exercise log.