Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Case of the Coconut!

When we lived in Connecticut, before kids, Tom and I used to take our dog, Nanook, for a walk almost every day. At the end of our street, there was a lovely wooded area where we often cross country skied in the winter. Now understand, we lived in a pretty urban area and were kind of in an oasis of woods so to speak. I would say the wooded area was maybe 7 acres in size. As we ambled along, Nanook would forge out ahead and come back, then forge out ahead again. As this was going on, Tom and I were talking about his latest fish tank and how he needed a coconut shell for it. As were were discussing this, the dog ran back to us. She had something in her mouth. It was half a coconut shell!!!!!!!!!!!! This was really freaky. I mean come on! This was Connecticut not the Caribbean! Not only were the chances of finding a coconut in the Connecticut woods remote at best but we were talking about it when she brought it to us. How crazy is that!! ? Pictured above is that very coconut shell, which was broken in half, ready to put into the tank. This is by far the strangest coincidence that has ever happened to me or us...ever.