Friday, October 05, 2007

Cell Phone Sweepstakes

Remember how I recently mentioned that I like contests and of course free gifts? Well here's another, and again it isn't your typical sweepstake contest. It's totally free and it's a text based, reverse auction game. This family loves auctions. We have been known to even go to fish auctions, as in household fish tank fish and accessories. We've been to many local land auctions and even the local fire department holds a few around Christmas.

In this contest you can win a cash prize or an item of your choice. And here's how it works. Pick a prize and and enter your cell number and bid in cents. The money used for bidding isn't real. Click bid and you will be sent a text message telling you whether you won or not. The lowest unique bidder wins! It's that simple. You can win laptops, snowboard packages, Ipods and more. I am definitely going to play. I have nothing to lose.

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