Wednesday, October 03, 2007

End Moving Stress

I remember very well what a fiasco it was, moving here. Apart from contending with the problems of closing homes on both ends we had two very young toddlers in tow and a tranquilized dog. Now anyone that has moved knows there are lots of things to do. Remembering what to do and when to do it is probably what causes most of the stress. Getting the phone and electric hooked up. Organizing the packing. Doing the actual packing, (unless you are rich enough and trusting enough to let someone else do it) and then unpacking. After you are thoroughly exhausted and have finally arrived, you get to set up house again, but can’t forget to feed the kids! We were so tired that we never set up the beds and slept on the floor. And of course there was little food. Our grass was a foot tall. We didn't have a lawn mower yet. The water smelled. Our bed posts were scratched. Is your heart beating faster, because mine is just thinking about it!

What about changing addresses, licenses, if coming from another state (which we were), getting the kids enrolled in school, if they are old enough. The list is endless. That's where comes in, to help with moving house. Remember those lists I mentioned? These guys have a moving planner that will include all the tasks involved in moving, so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything. The planner even includes documents for redirecting mail, voter registration forms, address change documents. Everything is in one place so that at least that headache will be gone. Sounds like we could have used a service like this back then.