Saturday, October 06, 2007

Leaves at Home

You know, I've been driving around snapping pretty fall pics when I could just stand outside and take pictures right outside my home! So I decided to do just that and share. One is a picture of our house, the other is the view by the barn a and the view by the flagpole is always beautiful this time of year. The view as you walk up to the top of our hill is also very pretty but I am not going to walk up there right now!

Now what's the tower you see in that photo, ruining an otherwise picturesque lake area? That's interesting fodder for discussion nowadays, especially in rural areas. We all want our emergency services and our cell phones, but do we want to stare at that for the rest of our lives? You know, kind of a "not in my backyard" mentality.

It's a tower in Norwich, about 20 miles east of here. I kind of feel sorry for the residents on that lake, but the towers have to go somewhere, right?

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