Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lousy Cell Phones and Service

I don't like my cell phone. I can't see the signal bars. They are scrunched up against the left side of the screen. The battery does last forever though, I have to admit that. But you have to press an extra button to get out of the screen you are in rather then just pressing to the next screen like all the other cell phones I used to have. Sure it was free but it's been getting annoying the more I use it. Any recommendations? I have the AT&T GoPhone. I heard about an unlocked phone that you can get which is a good idea since you can use it on any service. I know I am limited because I like GoPhone but honestly, I don't use the phone enough to warrant a monthly large charge and this one costs me about $9 a month.

And speaking of cell phones, we have lousy service here. At our house there is no signal. A few places in town have some service but that's it. Otherwise you have to drive 5 minutes east or west or south to get a signal. But that may change! The county is putting a new emergency tower right up the road here. If AT&T gets on that tower it will be fantastic...but that's a big if. I was up at the site the other day. What a neat place. It's so high up you can see clear to Georgetown 10 miles away. I won't be able to see the tower from my house either so it would work out well. This tower is so massive that it needs 5 acres just for the anchor wires.

That little metal thing sticking out at an angle will hold one of the sets of guy wires.

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